Zon & Zee Vakanties
Zon & Zee Vakanties

Waarborg Kwaliteit Accommodatie

Basic standards

Sun and Sea Holidays guarantees lodging tourists quality, safety and comfort. Therefore, each accommodation must meet the following basic standards;

  • The furnishings, the accommodation and the space outside and around the accommodation are in a good state of repair and must not have any defects.
  • The accommodation is fireproof furnished.
  • Owner is insured for damages.


Guests consider the interior and decor of an accommodation very important. They need to feel at home and at ease.
After all, it is the place where they can relax and enjoy their well-earned rest.

So how the house is decorated is decisive for the guest to rent or not. Tastefully decorated accommodations fetch a higher return than accommodations that have dated furnishings.

Functionality and quality also play an important role.


To ensure quality, it is very important that the accommodation is equipped with the items on the standard inventory list and meets the quality requirements as much as possible.

Continuous satisfaction surveys

After each stay, we ask the guest about his or her experiences using a questionnaire.

The rating is displayed at your accommodation on the ZEZV website and is decisive for the guest in choosing an accommodation.
It also helps us to maintain and further improve service levels and quality.

The average assessment and rating of the guest ultimately determines whether an accommodation remains in our offer.