Sun and Sea Holidays
Zon & Zee Vakanties

Owner portal


• Login

Login to the owners portal can be done:

  • via the button below
  • via the link on the website at the bottom of the page
  •  in the Zon en Zee Vakanties App.

Login can be done by entering the email address known to us and entering a self-selected password.

Owners who are logging in for the first time and have not yet created a password first click on forgotten password and then you will receive an email requesting you to create a new password

• Dashboard

Once logged into owners' portal, you will enter your personal dashboard.
The dark green menu bar is divided into different categories.

• Overview

The overview lists the most common categories such as:

•• Reception messages

This is where all messages are listed. New, canceled and modified reservations are displayed here.
Read messages can be archived.

•• Reviews

After each stay we ask guests to give a review and these are listed here. Guests may also give a review on the rental portal where they made the reservation. This is not visible here.

•• Reservations

All reservations are displayed here. The rental turnover can be seen by clicking on the guest's name. You can also see which rental portal the reservation was made through.


• Invoices

Invoices and rental statements are displayed here.

At the top, under the menu bar, it is possible to search by invoice date, type and object. The invoice can be viewed by clicking on the invoice number.

• Objects

Here the number of properties is indicated, how many reservations have been made per year, what the occupancy has been and what is the average rating of all reviews received.

Reservation allows the owner to reserve his/her accommodation for his/her own use. 

With availability, the occupancy can be seen as a calendar and in a list view. The meaning of the colors on the calendar are shown at the bottom of the page.

Under data the general information and amenities of the accommodation are displayed.
If there are inaccuracies then the owner can request a change.

Under data is also the price list
The owner can request a price change by adjusting a certain price in the table on the price list. We will review the change request and adjust if necessary.

The owner can share his accommodation using a personal promotional link via social media, WhatsApp or email.