Zon & Zee Vakanties
Zon & Zee Vakanties

rental conditions Sun and Sea Holidays


ZEZV and Owner declare that they have agreed to the following:

Nature of the agreement

ZEZV rents Owner's accommodation for recreational use to third parties for short-term stays, with a maximum of 30 nights.

Duration of the agreement

This agreement is entered into for a period of 1 calendar year and will be tacitly renewed if not cancelled.

The parties are entitled to terminate the agreement with a notice period of 3 months. (September of each year)

Termination by the Owner shall not terminate the exclusive rental right stipulated by ZEZV in this agreement until termination.

ZEZV and Owner are bound by bookings listed in the schedule/calendar and must be honored.

Article 1 Rental mediation

ZEZV, on behalf of the Owner, mediates the establishment of reservations between ZEZV and guest regarding the accommodation.

The Owner grants to ZEZV the exclusive right, at the Owner's risk and expense, to rent out the accommodation, to offer it for rental to third parties and to conduct promotional activities for it.

ZEZV will ensure that the net rental income accrues to the Owner.

ZEZV charges the mandatory tourist tax to the guest and remits it to the Municipality through an annual assessment.

ZEZV is responsible for updating the current state of rentals through ZEZV's website and other rental platforms.

All reservations will be administered by ZEZV.

Article 2 Duties and obligations of Sun and Sea Holidays

ZEZV undertakes to rent out the accommodation to third parties and everything related to it in the best possible way.

ZEZV is also in charge of arranging publicity, providing aftercare and handling complaints.

ZEZV presents the accommodation professionally in the ZEZV brokerage office.

ZEZV is obliged to make every effort to recover from the tenant any damage caused by the tenant to the Owner's accommodation. Unrecoverable damage remains at the expense and risk of the Owner.

ZEZV will make every effort to keep the website operational so that tenants can make reservations for accommodation via the website. In this regard, ZEZV strives to ensure the highest possible availability and security of the website but does not guarantee this.

ZEZV is entitled to charge additional costs such as (final) cleaning, bed linen and extra service in line with the market when renting to the tenant.

ZEZV is authorized to revise the provisions of this Owner Rental Agreement, including these terms and conditions, from time to time for various reasons, such as a technical development, a change in business operations or a change in applicable law.

If force majeure occurs, ZEZV cannot be required to pay compensation or fulfillment.

The duties and obligations of ZEZV consist of:

  • Collecting rents and taxes.

  • Point of contact for guests.

  • Taking care of the key transfer.

  • Inspection of accommodation after rental.

  • Final cleaning after rental.

  • Settlement of monthly rental turnover for the Owner.

  • Directing proper handling of rentals.

  • Maintain email marketing and social media marketing.

  • Afters ales service.

  • Handle complaints and emergencies.

  • Provision of brochures and presentation of accommodation at our ZEZV rental agency.

  • Book accommodation directly at our ZEZV rental agency.

  • Providing bed linen and other service packages.

  • Offering good service to guests.

  • Providing welcome packets and documentation about the accommodation.

  • Process and provide manuals in the supplementary information to guests.

  • Liaise with other rental organizations and intermediaries.

  • Collaboration with local business owners.


Article 3 Duties and obligations of the owner

  • Owner shall ensure the good condition of the accommodation, its yard and inventory.

  • Owner shall ensure the necessary set quality requirements for rental of the Accommodation, appropriate to the number of persons for whom it is rented. Ensuring quality

  • Owner may use accommodation 60 days (not consecutive) per year.

  • Owner provides 3 sets of keys and 2 barrier passes to ZEZV.

  • Owner will provide to ZEZV all necessary documentation on the use of equipment such as TV, remote control, oven, dishwasher and/or other household appliances. ZEZV will process and provide this information in the supplemental information to guests.    
  • Owner must notify ZEZV in a timely manner when the property is sold and the terminate rental agreement. Upon sale, all reservations made mus be fulfilled or converted against compensation. 
  • Owner informs ZEZV of renovations and other (temporary) restrictions in a timely manner.
  • The rental agreement runs for 1 calendar year. In case of early blocking of the calendar, license fees will be charged.

  • As with normal homes, as of Jan. 1, 2024, it is mandatory to have a valid energy label when renting out a recreational home. Owner himself is obliged to apply for an energy label for the accommodation.Energy Label

  • Owner is responsible for adequately insuring the accommodation against the most obvious risks, such as fire, burglary and third-party liability. Insurance   

  •  Owner must take care of its own insurance::

- Annual inspection/maintenance of fireplace

- Annual inspection/maintenance of central heating boiler.

Article 4 Rent

The amount of the rent is determined by ZEZV and the Owner based on the furnishing and facilities of the accommodation. Quality and general condition are factors in this.

ZEZV may, for periods when the accommodation is not fully booked, apply last-minute price promotions. Discounts and price promotions should always be in line with the market.

Because rental portals such as Booking.com and Airbnb charge a commission for each booking, rental prices on a rental portal are higher than the rental price listed on the website.  Explanation of raising prices to rental portals


Article 5 Liability and damages

If there is damage to the accommodation, furnishings, garden or other facilities caused by or attributable to the Guest, ZEZV will make every effort to recover damages from the Guest.

If these damages cannot be recovered from the guest or his insurer, this can never result in ZEZV being obliged to pay these damages.

Wear and tear or signs of use cannot be recovered from guests.

Article 6 Financial settlement

ZEZV pays out seventy-five percent (25%) of the rent; the Net Rental Income.

Net rental income will be paid to the Owner in the first week of the month.

ZEZV will use the address and bank and account number provided by the Owner, as long as the Owner has not provided a change in writing.

Article 7 Website, owners portal and Sun and Sea App

The website www.sunseaiholidays.com is intended to provide information to our guests.
The content of the website has been compiled with the greatest care, but cannot give any guarantees. regarding the nature or content of the information on the website.

ZEZV is not liable for the content of this information or for the consequences of its use.

Owner has access to the Owner Portal in the reservation system.
This portal allows the Owner to view all relevant information about the property.

Such as :

  • The occupation of the calendar
  • Self reservations of accommodation
  • Viewing invoices and rental statements
  • View reviews
  • View price list

Logging into the owner portal can be done through the website or through the Sun and Sea App.

Owner changes and reservations should be made by the Owner himself in the owners portal.

Owner portal explanation

Sun and Sea Vacations App


For linking the accommodation with various rental portals and access to the owners' portal, the reservation system charges € 40,-- license fee.

If the rental calendar of accommodation is open for reservations, ZEZV takes care of the license fees so they are not charged to the owner.

However, the license fees are passed on to the owner if the owner, for any reason, blocks the calendar for 1 or more months, resulting in ZEZV receiving no rental income to offset these costs.

Article 8 The accommodation

8.1 Inventory and Inspection

In February/March, the major cleaning will include an inventory list and an inspection of the property for damage/improvements.

The large inventory is photographed, and the small inventory is counted.

Damage/improvement items will be communicated to the owner.

Since each property has a different inventory, the small inventory counts only the items listed on the standard inventory list. (See attachment)

We also use this list as a checklist after guests stay. Standard Inventory List

ZEZV is not responsible for missing items that are not on the standard inventory list.

8.2 Cleaning Accommodation inside

Twice a year, there is a mandatory major cleaning.

In February/March, the first major cleaning will be done.

In June, the second major cleaning will be conducted.

Cleaning March

- The entire accommodation is cleaned inside.

- All first-floor windows are washed inside, and outside.

- Main pillows will be replaced.

- Cover beds, mattress pads and pillow protectors are washed and changed.

Cleaning June

- The entire accommodation is cleaned inside.

- All first-floor windows are washed inside, and outside.

- Mattress pads and pillow protectors are washed and changed.

The cost for this cleaning is 3 times the consumer rate per cleaning performed.

Washing quilts, mattress pads and pillow protectors is at the Owner's expense.

At the Owner's expense, 2 sets of mattress protectors and pillow protectors will be purchased and renewed every 2 years.

Every user of the accommodation is obliged to have the final cleaning done for a fee. This obligation also applies in the case of the Owner's own use.

This is in connection with ZEZV's ultimate responsibility regarding ensuring the quality of cleaning. 

8.3 Cleaning Accommodation outside

In February/March, a mandatory exterior cleaning should also be performed.

This work can be done by the Owner himself or an outside company chosen by us.

This exterior cleaning includes the following work:

-  Removing algae on facade and fences, possibly with a pressure washer.

-  Cleaning-, and removing leaves from the gutter

-  Cleaning the garden furniture

-  Cleaning the garden tiles .

8.4 Garden maintenance

To ensure the cleanliness of the garden, the garden should be maintained every 3 to 4 weeks from March to October. This garden work can be performed by an outside landscaping company or by the Owner himself.

If the Owner assumes responsibility for the garden work himself, then it is his job to keep up the garden every 3 to 4 weeks and report it to ZEZV. Global cost forecast owner

8.5 Garden furniture

During the winter period, the Owner should take care of storing the garden furniture himself.

Unless mutually agreed otherwise.

8.6 Maintenance, repairs and wear

Owner is responsible for the proper maintenance of the accommodation, its yard and inventory.

8.7 Repairs

Replacements or repairs due to usual wear and tear and traces of use are the sole responsibility of the Owner.

Article 9 Complaints and breakdowns

9.1 Complaints from guests

If the guest has a justified complaint, then ZEZV has the right to cancel the reservation, compensate or offer another location.

This may include when;

  • The accommodation does not meet the stated quality standards.
  • Complaint about the damage/improvement issues already reported to the Owner at an earlier stage.
  • Sudden malfunction.
  • Previous bad reviews from guests.

9.2 Sudden Faults & Repairs

ZEZV has the right to have repairs made by an installer in the event of sudden malfunctions. If possible, the Owner will be contacted first.

Article 10 costs ZEZV

If ZEZV must be present during a sudden repair or malfunction or must provide a service on behalf of the Owner that is not part of ZEZV's regular duties, an hourly rate of €. 40.00 excl. VAT per hour is charged.

Article 11 Long-term winter rentals

This rental agreement applies only to short-term stays and reservations made through the ZEZV website and other rental portals.

If the Owner wishes to rent out the accommodation for a longer period during the winter months, then our services as a rental agent can be used.

Different rental terms apply for long-term rentals.

Article 12 Indemnification

The Owner indemnifies ZEZV for all claims, known or unknown, that third parties may assert for compensation for damages that may be or have been caused by acts or omissions of the Owner or its agent, other than ZEZV.

Article 12 Disputes

In case of an (impending) failure by the Owner, ZEZV is entitled to suspend or terminate the fulfillment of its obligations.

Dutch law shall apply to this agreement. In cases not provided for in this agreement, a solution will be sought by both parties in amicable consultation and based on the principles of reasonableness and fairness.

Article 13 Annexes

The contents of this agreement include the attachments below:

Sun and Sea app

Quality requirements

Owner portal explanation


Explanation of increase in prices to rental portals

Standard Inventory List

Global cost forecast owner

Energy Label


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