Zon & Zee Vakanties
Zon & Zee Vakanties

Quality Demands

Under the basic standard, it states that the contents, accommodation and space outside and around the accommodation must be in a good and clean state of repair and it must not have any defects.

Items that are defective, broken, worn, damaged, discolored or affected by the weather should be removed and/or replaced.
Everything should be clean, neat and stain-free. Items that can no longer be cleaned should be removed and/or replaced.
During the major cleaning in March, we will do an inspection tour of the house and report back to the owner.
It is up to the owner to fix any defects.

Listed below are the quality requirements a property must meet to ensure the best quality.

  • The hardware of fences, windows and doors should open and close effortlessly.
  • To ventilate properly, adequate ventilation grills and flap windows should be able to be opened.
  • Is the roof covering still in order? Check in time to prevent serious leaks. 
  • Is your accommodation fireproof?
  • inventory list.
  • Check the humidity of your accommodation. Too high humidity causes mold and bacteria, which is very bad for your health.
  • Homeowners who have accommodation on bungalow park Sollasi should pay extra attention to the humidity. This is in connection with high groundwater which causes many complaints.