Strand Noordwijk


Dutch Wildlife in the dunes

This beautiful piece of nature is the paradise of the dunes and flower region and has fantastic views, beautiful heights and attractive forests. Here you can really relax.

The Amsterdamse waterleidingduinen is a beautiful dune area and protected natural monument of 3400 hectares, making it one of the largest walking areas in the Netherlands. Here you can walk and enjoy the silence.

There are 2 walking routes that you can follow, the purple route (5 km) and the black route (9 km), or you can go your own way and continue to the sea. Feast your eyes on the way because you are guaranteed to see deer and foxes here!

Tickets can be bought at the machine at the entrance of the park. Parking costs € 2.00 per day. Entrance tickets to the area € 1.50 (from 18 years). Only walking is allowed, dogs are not allowed.