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Are you going to one of the big cities for a day? Then it is easy to go by train. Without the hassle of looking for a parking space, you will be in the heart of the city in no time.

The Duin en Bollenstreek has 3 train stations, namely in Voorhout, Sassenheim and Hillegom. You can park your car for free in the car park which is within walking distance of the station. If you go to the station by bus, you can only buy a bus ticket with your bank card.

There is an NS ticket machine at every station where you can buy a train ticket. The language of the ticket machine is in Dutch and English.

If you plan to use public transport a lot, and don't want to buy a ticket every time, the anonymous OV chip card is a convenient way to travel. The anonymous OV chip card can be purchased at various service points and can be used for all public transport in the Netherlands such as bus, tram, train and metro.

Before you travel by train, the OV chip card must first be activated at an NS card machine. It is also important that there is always at least 20 euros credit on the OV chip card if you want to travel by train (this is not necessary when traveling by bus, tram or metro). This handy travel planner guides you from A to Z and is available in all languages.

You can also download this as an app on your phone. 

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