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De stranden van Noordwijk

The beaches of Noordwijk

If you are on holiday in Noordwijk aan Zee, then of course you have to go to the beach. You can go in all directions here, join in cosiness or go for your peace and quiet.... The municipality of Noordwijk has 4 beach locations;

The flower fields

In the centre of Noordwijk aan Zee is the lively Koningin Wilhelminaboulevard on the north side. The boulevard is characterised by the beautiful lighthouse and everywhere you will find cosy eateries and trendy beach clubs on the beach. During the summer months many events are organised on the boulevard, such as the Ibiza market and the cirque des dunes.

The flower fields

On the southern side of Noordwijk aan Zee lies the Koningin Astrid Boulevard and is popularly called ‘the South’ because of the beautiful villas that are dotted all over the dunes. For example, the Heineken family lives there and Martien Meiland. Definitely worth a drive there, you'll really feast your eyes. At the end of the boulevard is beach pavilion Bubbels, where your four-legged friend is most welcome during the summer months. You can also cycle from this boulevard through the beautiful dune area to Katwijk aan Zee.

The flower fields

If you prefer a quieter beach, you really should go to the Duindamse slag. You cannot get there by car, but the walk there is already quite an experience. At this beach, tranquillity and space are paramount.

The flower fields

If you want to go to the beach with your family and not be in the crowds of beach clubs, Langevelderslag beach is highly recommended. This beach is located against Noordwijkerhout and is also called Noordwijkerhout beach. There is a large car park where you can be on the beach in no time. There are also cosy eateries at the entrance to the exit.

Want to get away from it all and enjoy the sun and sea for a few days?

There is always plenty to do, see and experience on Noordwijk beach.