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The royal names of the boulevards and the impressive large buildings give the beach of Noordwijk a regal ambiance.

You can go in all directions here by joining in the fun, but also by seeking peace and quiet and enjoying the pleasant holiday atmosphere.

Noordwijk has 4 beach locations with various beach entrances. At every exit there is a clear information board for beach visitors about the meaning of the flags and the beach rules.

In July and August, the lifeguard keeps an eye on things every day and clear identification signs have been placed for the little ones, so that they and of course you can easily find the towel.

Read more about the beach locations below.

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The more than four kilometers of sandy beaches of Katwijk have already been awarded several times. In 2020, the beach received the international “blue flag” environmental award for the 13th time. 

Good facilities increase the convenience and holiday pleasure of many beach visitorsFrom easily accessible beach crossings to ample parking and the beaches are tidy every day in summerLifeguards are guarded by lifeguards from lifeguards in good weather during the bathing seasonproviding a safe feeling. Furthermorethe cozy local beach pavilions provide a snack and drink on the terrace with a beautiful view of the beach and the sea

Sports on the beach with fresh sea air is healthy and fun, get fit, enjoy and relax at the same time!

On the Katwijk beach and in the sea there are many fun sports activities such as surfingmountain biking and kite surfing at any time of the year. Surfschool Katwijk also regularly organizes fun activities on the beach such as beach tennis, boxing clinics, building with bambooexpedition Robinson, kids experience, surf raftingand much more! There are information boards with local beach rules at every beach entrance, a good idea to take the time to read this

Everyone loves a clean beach! 

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