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Enjoy the colourful parade

The flower parade, the face of spring, is a festive and annual event in the spring during which a procession of colorful floats, accompanied by cheerful music from the marching bands, drives through the villages of the dune and flowe region.

Every year there is a different theme and the floats are beautifully decorated with daffodils, hyacinths, tulips and other bulb flowers from the region.

In 1947, flowerbulb grower Willem Warmenhoven started with 1 float and that has now grown to no less than twenty floats and more than thirty luxury cars decorated with flowers. It is the biggest event in the bulb region that attracts many visitors all over the world.

On the first Saturday after April 19, the flower parade will be on a 40 km long journey from Noordwijkerhout to Haarlem. The parade ends in Haarlem, where the floats can be seen for another day. On the Friday evening before the parade Saturday, the parade will be illuminated through Noordwijkerhout.