The owners portal 

If your stay is on the website then you also have access to the owners portal at all times.

All important information about the accommodation and financial matters, such as making reservations and viewing rental bills, can be found in this portal.


1. Login

Logging into the owners portal is very easy by clicking on the link below. Fill in your (at Zon&Zee Vakanties known) email address and the password:

To create a new password, or you have forgotten your password, click Forgot your password?

After email address verification, you will be prompted to create a password.


link to the owners portal

2. The Dashboard

After logging in you will be directed to the dashboard where you will find clear overviews of:

  • Turnover of the current year based on the sent statement(s)
  • Total turnover based on the sent statement(s)
  • Total number of completed reservations based on the statement(s) sent



3. Reservations

Under the dashboard you will see at a glance;

  • the reservations you have made under "Your reservations
  • reservations by date under "Upcoming reservations
  • blocks by date under "Upcoming blocks"



4. Make your own reservations


  • Create a new reservation here
  • View all reservations for your accommodation in the table
  • Use the filters to get to the desired results

make reservation

  • When making a reservation, please enter the number of people, otherwise you will not be able to complete the booking.


5 .Documents

The signed rental conditions and other important documentation can be found under Documents.


6. Invitations

Invite friends or family by creating an invitation here. The invitation link can then be copied and sent. The recipient can now easily book your accommodation via this link.



7. Settlements

Here all received statements are displayed according to arrival date.

This way you can easily see what the income is.


8. Occupation

Shows the occupancy per accommodation for all months in a calendar year.



9. Occupancy rate

Shows the occupancy rate per accommodation per calendar year in a graph per month on a percentage basis.