Booking conditions


The holiday home is not owned by Zon en Zee Vakanties but by a third party (holiday home owner)
Zon en Vee Vakanties is the party that makes the holiday home available on behalf of the home owner, whereby the benefits and risks are for the owner.  Zon en Zee Vakanties has an agreement with the home owner which gives him the exclusive right to rent out the holiday home. Zon en Zee Vakanties hopes to be able to offer you a pleasant stay and has drawn up general terms and conditions for this. The rental of the holiday home where  Zon en Zee Vakanties mediates is always based on these conditions. The tenant informs himself of the services that are included in the booking conditions of Zon en Zee Vakanties , which are shown below.

After making a booking on the  Zon en Zee Vakanties  website, the tenant will immediately receive a confirmation of the reservation option at the email address provided by the guest. Cancellation is free of charge up to 24 hours after making a booking. Zon en Zee Vakanties checks the information provided, after which the tenant can make the required (down) payment via the payment link. After (down) payment.

All prices on the booking confirmation are stated in EUR (EUR) per property per period. This price includes tourist tax, final cleaning, reservation costs and deposit, unless stated otherwise.

A deposit is an amount paid by the tenant to Zon en Zee Vakanties and serves as a deposit for proper compliance with the lease. The amount of the deposit that is calculated depends, among other things, on the size of the house, the duration of the lease. Any damage, plus administration costs, will be deducted from the refund of the deposit. If the value of the above costs is higher than the amount of the deposit, the excess will be charged to the tenant. The reservation is final and the booking confirmation is sent.

After receipt of the final booking confirmation, the agreement is legally valid and the guest is obliged to make the (down) payment through the IDEAL payment link.

When booking 6 weeks before the start of the rental agreement or earlier, the following schedule is used:

  • 1st payment term - 25% of the full total amount must be paid immediately through the IDEAL payment link.
  • 2nd payment term - the remaining 75% of the full total amount must be paid no later than 4 weeks before the start of the lease.

When booking within 4 weeks before the start of the rental agreement, the full total amount must be paid immediately by means of the IDEAL payment link.

If the payment terms are not met, we will send a payment reminder. If payment is not made within the specified period, the booking will be canceled according to the cancellation conditions of the Recron.

You can cancel for free up to 24 hours after booking. After that, costs will be charged. How much you pay for canceling depends on when you cancel. You pay the reservation costs as standard. You also pay part of the rent. This is the price of your holiday, without additional costs and added extras. The sooner you cancel, the smaller the amount that will be charged.

You pay: 

  • 15% of the rental price if you cancel 3 months (90 days) or more before the planned arrival date. 
  • 50% of the rental price if you cancel between 3 and 2 months (between 90 and 60 days) before the planned arrival date.
  • 75% of the rental price if you cancel within 2 months and 1 month (between 60 and 30 days) before the planned arrival date. 
  • 90% of the rental price if you cancel between 1 month (30 days) and the day before the planned arrival date. 
  • 100% of the rental price if you cancel on the planned arrival day or afterwards.

The arrival and departure times can be found in the rental documents. The rental documents contain information about when and where the key can be obtained and when the holiday home will be ready. You must always vacate the holiday home no later than 10:00 am on the day of departure. After payment of the total amount you will receive the official rental documents and other important information.

Unless otherwise agreed with Zon en Zee Vakanties, the house may only be rented for holiday purposes. If Zon en Zee Vakanties suspects that actions are taking place that are in violation of applicable legislation, with the guidelines of Zon en Zee Vakanties, with public order or with decency rules, Zon en Zee Vakanties has the right to access the holiday home and has the right, at its own discretion, to terminate the agreement and to immediately deny the relevant person (s) access to the holiday home without the right to reimbursement of rent. It is forbidden to place tents or caravans, etc. on the plot of the holiday home. Zon en Zee Vakanties mainly mediates in holiday homes for families and couples. Pets: These are only allowed if this has been agreed in advance with Zon en Zee Vakanties

Noise: Tenants may also be unexpectedly exposed to noise in holiday parks due to construction work, neighbors, traffic and the like. Zon en Zee Vakanties cannot be held responsible for noise nuisance.

Internet: WIFI is an extra service offered free of charge by Zon en Zee Vakanties. Zon en Zee Vakanties cannot be held responsible for any hiccups that may occur due to insufficient coverage in the area where the holiday home is located and variable data quantity and speed.

Smoking: Smoking is not allowed inside the holiday home, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

The rented property is made available to the tenant without defects. If, when taking over the holiday home, the tenant finds that cleaning has been inadequate or that there is damage or defects to the holiday home, the tenant must report this immediately, because otherwise it is assumed that the holiday home has been delivered to the tenant and the tenant without any problems. lose the right to report a complaint about the problem. Complaints regarding cleaning must be submitted immediately. Complaints regarding damage or defects must be reported as soon as possible and no later than 12 hours after the start of the rental period or after discovery of a defect or damage. Complaints can be reported to the service number of Zon en Zee Vakanties.

The tenant must deliver the rented property in the same condition as when it was handed over, with the exception of normal deterioration due to wear and tear or age. The tenant is liable for damage to the holiday home and / or its contents, which arise during the rental period, and which are caused by the tenant himself or by others to whom the tenant has granted access to the rented holiday home. Damage to the holiday home or its contents that occurs during the rental period must be reported immediately to Zon en Zee Vakanties. Zon en Zee Vakanties carries out a tenant exchange check with every tenant change, during which defects and damage to the holiday home and / or its contents, as well as any missing or inadequate cleaning are established.

When the holiday is over, make sure you leave the rented place neat and tidy.
The tenant is obliged to prepare the dishes, to empty the dishwasher and the refrigerator and to collect waste which must be deposited in the appropriate bins.
The final inspection and final cleaning is carried out by the Zon en Zee Team. If everything is left in good condition, the deposit will be refunded. If the above conditions are not met, Zon en Zee has the right to withhold part of the deposit.

Zon en Zee Vakanties ensures that your personal information remains strictly confidential.
Your personal data will be handled with care and secured in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. The data file is used for our guest administration.
Access to the website and use is strictly personal. You will not use this website or the data and information provided on it for commercial, political or advertising purposes or for any commercial offers and in particular not use it for unsolicited electronic offers.