Right next to Leiden is the water sports village of Warmond, where you can exchange the hustle and bustle of the Randstad for the tranquility of the Kagerplassen.

It is wonderful to walk in this area. Wander through the stately country house park around Huys te Warmont. Feel the history in a romantic church ruin. And discover the house(s) of Jan Steen. Old Dutch are the views over the polders and windmills from the island of Koudenhoorn.
Many terraces, both on the island and in the old village center. The route 'Walking through the historic Warmond' (8.5 km) runs through the national park 'de Hollandse Duinen'.

Rent a sloop to view the bulb-growing region from the water or make a trip along the many mills and farms in the polders.

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